FRMCS/5G data communication

The new mobile communications standard 5G creates the connectivity that future digital technology requires

With digital technology comes more data. In addition to quickly received control information through the European Train Control System (ETCS) and the autopilot function automatic train operation (ATO), the data collected by sensors and cameras must also be processed and transmitted. The prerequisite for this is a high-performance mobile radio network based on the new, ultra-fast mobile radio standard 5G.

More capacity through higher connectivity

The GSM-R mobile radio standard currently used in the railway system dates back to the 1990s and is not enough for tomorrow’s technology. For a digital railway infrastructure throughout the rail network, we will be using the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS), based on 5G mobile radio technology. It is the successor to the standardised European digital radio for rail operations. FRMCS meets the high demands of future data rates, latency times, availability and encryption.

5G: better for railway operations

FRMCS/5G enables the technological innovations of Digitale Schiene Deutschland. Sensors and cameras in trains, stations and on tracks collect data that is then transmitted, processed and analysed in real time. At the same time, we are equipping more and more trains with ATO. The prerequisite for this: a high-performance, railway mobile network.

Testing is already underway in the Digital Rail Test Field in the Ore Mountains

An extensive digital test field is being built in the Ore Mountains. It will show how integrating and validating digital railway system applications, based on FRMCS/5G and cloud technology, works in practice. An important component of the digital test field is the construction of a mobile radio base infrastructure in a test track around 10km long. This is the basis for testing FRMCS/5G and cloud equipment from various manufacturers.

DB 5G_KurzVersion_Final.mp4
Test Field in the Ore Mountains

Validation of FRMCS prototypes in the EU project 5GRAIL

In the 5GRAIL (5G for future RAILway mobile communication system) project, funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 programme, 18 European partners are working together to validate the first FRMCS/5G specifications. The focus is on developing and testing prototypes of the future railway radio standard, both on the train and along the track. The infrastructure in the Digital Rail Test Field in the Ore Mountains is intended to be a key part of this project.

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