Paving the way for ‘New Work’

Working at Digital Rail for Germany

In the next few years, we want to take even more traffic out of the air and off the roads, and put it onto the rails. At Digital Rail for Germany , you will be part of a unique and historic project and will accompany Germany's railway system into the digital future. You will shape topics in a self-organised way – from conception to implementation – and help build one of the most forward-looking projects in the history of rail transport. Now is the most exciting time to join us. That is why we are looking for people who want to play an active role in shaping the transformation of the railway – Are you in?

In our coworking community at the Digital Base in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz, diverse, heterogeneous and international characters join together. This makes for a very dynamic team, merging all the competencies we need. This in turn creates a new, very tolerant corporate culture – one that is constantly developing in an agile manner.”

Dr Kristian Weiland
Head of Digital Rail for Germany

Our ‘New Work’ approach unleashes a motivation and dynamism that enables us to produce extremely purposeful, usable prototypes. Our team functions almost entirely without a classical management style, and we save ourselves a great amount of overhead rituals.”

Dr Michael Küpper
Product Manager, Capacity and Traffic Management, Digital Rail for Germany

For us, self-organised and agile working is not an end in and of itself. We are convinced that we are successful because of this form of work and that this is the only way to achieve our goals.”

Dr Moritz Heimes
Lead Projects & Partners, Digitalisation Railway System, Digital Rail for Germany

As trivial as it may sound at first: if we can visualise our processes, along with all the tasks and roles, everyone immediately knows what their contribution is to the big picture. And that has an enormous impact.”

Stefan Schröder
Agile Coach, Digital Rail for Germany

I firmly believe that an agile and self-organised approach is the right way to deal with a topic as complex as the digital railway system of the future, and to motivate employees in the long term.”

Dr Annika Hundertmark
Head of Department, Digitalisation Railway System, Digital Rail for Germany

Why we should get to know each other

Let’s ‘New Work’ together

To realise the digitalisation of rail transport, we need people from a wide range of disciplines. This is another reason why we work according to an agile and self-organised approach. Role-based self-organisation does not mean there are no hierarchies or areas of responsibility. Quite the opposite: individual responsibilities are made quite explicit and visible to everyone. The difference is, however, that hierarchy arises quite organically where a person has the best competences for the current project phase. This fundamental flexibility not only allows you to work in an independent way, but also helps you to reconcile family and career in a meaningful way.

Joining forces to think of tomorrow

Our goal is: the digitalisation of rail transport. We want to increase rail capacity by 35%, and transport more goods and passengers – without building a single metre of new track. By making optimal use of existing resources, we are making an important contribution to protecting the climate. This is made possible by the new digital technology we are already implementing.

Diversity in action

The word ‘diversity’ is on everyone's lips – and it is already a reality here. We want employee diversity in every respect, and are convinced that this can only strengthen the railway. At Digital Rail for Germany, we bring together existing railway expertise with first-class knowledge about new technology. Our international and interdisciplinary teams include experienced colleagues from Deutsche Bahn as well as people from the rail sector and other industries. Everyone is ‘uniquely different’, with varied professional backgrounds and personal strengths. We are already looking forward to seeing the difference you bring to us.

How we work

Agile Agile
Innovative Innovative
Individual Individual
Self-responsible Self-responsible
Flexible Flexible

We work in an agile manner. We develop solutions for Digital Rail for Germany  iteratively, in short sprints. The teams are put together in such a way that the right experts work together and share responsibility. We rely on regular feedback, transparency and an open ‘error’ culture: we try things if they’re ‘safe enough to try’, ie, they can’t cause any major damage. We remain open to change and continue to develop together.