Integrated Control and Operating System

The Digitale Schiene Deutschland goes along with a nationwide digitisation of the control-command and signalling technology. The European Train Control System (ETCS) and digital interlocking represent the basis for that. Both technologies must be operated. The operating system of the future is called integrated control and operating system.


The integrated control and operating system is one of the necessary basic technologies for the digital rail. It enables the

nationwide installation of ETCS and digital interlocking and takes over the control and monitoring of all rail traffic in Germany.


  • The system consists of four corresponding subsystems:
  • control-command and signalling Management Centre at two locations with central components
  • integrated control and operating systemcentral unit in the integrated sub-centres 
  • Integrated operating system at the operating locations with central unit and integrated operating stations 
  • Transfer network with transfer network router and broker


The new integrated control and operating system is the operating system of the future and enables a new generation of operating stations with which user-friendly, modern workplaces can be designed. The newly developed standardised interface realises a harmonised operation and enables interlockings to be flexibly assigned to operating locations across manufacturers. The application of new backup procedures enables the cost-saving use of COTS components. This means that essential objectives such as flexibility, reliability, modernity and connectivity are implemented. he iLBS can be used to operate not only DSTWs but also existing ESTWs. Smaller interlockings can also already be built in the new architecture, so that the current "existing architecture" can be optimally prepared for later conversions.