Digital S-Bahn Hamburg: first train fully equipped

A press release from Deutsche Bahn dated 27.08.2020 

In October 2021, S-Bahn trains with passengers will roll through Hamburg for the first time under digital control between Berliner Tor and Bergedorf/Aumühle. Four trains are to demonstrate highly automated operation at the ITS Congress. The technical conversion of the first S-Bahn train has now been completed. The train was presented today at the S-Bahn plant in Stellingen.

Dr Anjes Tjarks, Senator for Transport and Mobility Change: "With the pilot project of the digital S-Bahn, Hamburg is actively advancing the rail transport of the future by introducing innovative technologies. I am pleased that the project is making good progress and that we can use it as a model for other cities. The technology is a solution to enable growth in the S-Bahn network and thus also the Hamburg Takt. In a feasibility study, we are currently having an expansion of digitalisation to the entire network examined."
Kay Uwe Arnecke, Managing Director of S-Bahn Hamburg: "With digital rail, we have an intelligent solution for at least 20 percent more capacity without having to build a new metre of track. This means additional trains, even more climate-friendly driving and more stability in operation for our passengers. This is a first for the German rail industry and beyond."

Jan Schröder, Project Manager Digital S-Bahn Hamburg: "We are very pleased to be able to show the first converted vehicle today. The project is on schedule. The conversion of the other three trains is already underway, and the test track is equipped with ETCS (European Train Control System) and ATO (Automatic Train Operation). Together with Siemens, we are developing here the technology of the most significant technological change in railway operations for years. This is a blueprint for the design of intelligent and green mass transit networks."

S-Bahn Hamburg rolls digitised.

The "Digital S-Bahn Hamburg" is being tested on the section between Berliner Tor and Bergedorf/Aumühle. The basis for the highly automated operation is the future European standard ATO via the radio-based European Train Control System ETCS. The project costs of around 60 million euros are shared by the City of Hamburg, Deutsche Bahn and Siemens.

Deutsche Bahn's five metropolitan S-Bahns are a central component of the DB Regio service. Across Germany, almost 1.3 billion passengers travel on one of the S-Bahns in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Rhine-Main and Munich every year. That is more than half of all passengers travelling on local and long-distance services. The 6,200 employees of the S-Bahn keep major cities and regions with a total of 24.5 million inhabitants moving and manage six circumnavigations of the earth a day with their kilometre performance – and the trend is rising.