Connects important European Economic Areas: the Corridor Rhine-Alpine

As an important north-south axis, the so-called corridor Rhine-Alpine links important seaports and economic areas in Europe. It runs through the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, making it a central lifeline of the European transport network.

The Corridor Rhine-Alpine is gradually being equipped with the standardized European Train Control System (ETCS). A significant step towards a common and interoperable standard for the European rail network. This is because ETCS also facilitates cross-border train operations. Digitale Schiene Deutschland (DSD) is responsible for the conversion and general modernization of the German section of track.


In the following film, we would like to give you some insights into the pioneering project Corridor Rhine-Alpine. So let’s start the movie and have fun!


Corridor Rhine-Alpine
Corridor Rhine-Alpine (Copyright: DB InfraGO AG)

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